Things to considerFirst and foremost, you should understand your data and check it for accuracy and completeness prior to geocoding.

Below are some initial factors to consider:

  • What is the appropriate geographic level you hoping to achieve: address point, house number range, street center, Post (zip) code or city?
  • Which coordinate system and projection are you using or will be using?
  • Is your data going to be linked to other data (e.g. demographics)?
  • Which countries or countries are your addresses in?
  • What kind of addresses do you have (street address, road intersection, building name, direction from a landmark)?
  • When was the address or location information collected and are they current?
  • What is the address (residence or PO Box)?
  • PO Boxes cannot be geocoded!
  • Make sure the addresses in your database have complete and accurate information (number, street, direction, city, post (zip) code).
  • Clean your data – have address elements in appropriate fields (number and street, city, state, post (zip) code)
  • And most importantly make sure you comply to all data privacy regulations.